Minnesota Launches Comprehensive Paid Family and Medical Leave Program in 2026: What Employers and Employees Need to Know

Minnesota law changes

Minnesota is set to implement a paid family and medical leave program from January 1, 2026, making it the 12th state to offer such benefits. The program applies to all employers, irrespective of size, with both employees and employers contributing to the fund through payroll deductions.

The contribution rate is 0.7% of an employee’s wages, split evenly between employers and employees. Employers can deduct up to half of the contribution rate from employee wages. The leave program covers various situations, including caring for family members with serious health conditions, bonding with a new child, dealing with personal health issues, and supporting family members in the military.

Employers have responsibilities such as submitting wage detail reports, notifying employees, and submitting premium payments. The state’s comprehensive approach to paid family and medical leave aims to support employees and enhance work-life balance.

For further details, refer to the Minnesota Employment and Economic Development website.

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