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Discover a wealth of knowledge and expertise in our live webinars focused on essential payroll compliance topics. Led by industry experts and seasoned practitioners, our webinars provide you with valuable insights and practical strategies to navigate the intricacies of payroll management effectively.

Nonresident Aliens Require Special Handling

Discover essential insights and expert guidance on navigating tax regulations, visa statuses, and withholding requirements for nonresident alien employees.

The Department of Labor's New PAID Program: What You Need to Know

This session will provide a comprehensive overview of the recently launched PAID (Payroll Audit Independent Determination) program by the Department of Labor.

ICE Raids and Audits: What’s Happening Now and How to Respond

Join us for an informative webinar tailored for payroll professionals, as we delve into the current landscape of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raids and audits affecting workplaces.

Supplemental Pay Essentials: Special Withholding Rules for Bonuses, Severance Pay, Commissions and Fringe Benefits

In this comprehensive session, we will delve into the intricate world of special withholding rules for various supplemental pay elements, including bonuses, severance pay, commissions, and fringe benefits.

How to Analyze Financial Statements

In this informative webinar, we dive deep into the world of financial statements to empower payroll professionals with essential skills to analyze and interpret key financial data.

TIN Matching to Reduce Your B-Notices and Eliminate Proposed Penalties

Join us as we explore the powerful strategies and tools available to reduce B-Notices and effectively eliminate proposed penalties.

Quickbooks Basics (Online Version)

Whether you’re a seasoned payroll professional or just starting in the field, this webinar will equip you with essential knowledge to efficiently manage payroll tasks using the QuickBooks Online platform

Introduction to Sales and Use Tax Compliance

Gain a clear understanding of the key principles, regulations, and best practices for handling sales tax requirements effectively.

Multi State Taxation And Work From Home Policies

Join our informative webinar on ‘Multi State Taxation and Work From Home Policies’ designed exclusively for payroll professionals.
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