Tesla Found in Violation of U.S. Labor Laws for Suppressing Employee Voices

Tesla EV

In a recent development, Tesla Inc. has been found to have breached U.S. labor law by imposing silence on workers at a Florida service center. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that supervisors at the Orlando repair shop unlawfully instructed employees not to discuss their pay, and working conditions, or raise complaints to higher management.

This verdict follows complaints from workers who noticed differing pay rates between new hires and existing employees. A technician, who escalated his concerns to a Tesla vice president, saw his complaint forwarded to the company’s human resources head. In response, supervisors at the service center organized a meeting, forbidding discussions on compensation and work conditions, resulting in the termination of the aforementioned technician shortly thereafter.

The NLRB Administrative Law Judge, Michael Rosas, directed Tesla to cease these infringements and disseminate notice of the violations at the service center, along with sharing it via email to staff.

This incident adds to Tesla’s ongoing labor-related challenges, as the company faces allegations of discrimination and harassment in its factories. The automaker is striving to address these issues while maintaining its position as the world’s most valuable car manufacturer.

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